Welcome to City 17

According to science, the laws of physics dictating the interaction between all the energy and matter in the universe are set in stone. If we assume this to be correct, there is no randomness in the universe, only an unpredictable timeline set into motion by the big bang.

Every subatomic particle is following a predetermined path through time and space, as the laws of physics state they must.

At no level is any object or event outside the influence of these laws. Everything that has ever existed or will exist is ultimately inevitable.

The laws of physics govern the subatomic particles of atoms in chemistry. Molecules in chemistry govern evolution and behaviour in biology. Are we humans simply conscious pawns played by the physical laws? Are we without free will?

This is a deep subject with many philosophical arguments. One thing is for sure though; some series of events has led to the creation of this blog and brought you here to read it.

Thanks for stopping by.


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