Dual Pentium 3 Tualatin Overclocking

Back in 2012 I was playing around with overclocking my MSI Pro266TD Master-LR motherboard with two Pentium 3-S Tualatin 1.4GHz (SL6BY).  It is running a custom BIOS which enables large hard drive support, obtained from a computer forum years ago.  Although the BIOS allows FSB adjustments up to 166MHz (stock 133MHz), there is no voltage adjustment options.

Back in those days I was unaware I could bump up the CPU V-Core with a thin piece of copper wire wrapped around a couple of the VID pins.  Instead, I could only get the computer to boot at the maximum 166MHz FSB setting about 10% of the time – otherwise it wouldn’t post at all.

wPrime Pentium 3-S Tualatin 1.74GHz dual CPUs.

wPrime Pentium 3-S Tualatin 1.74GHz dual CPUs.

1742 datetime

I recently had a look on HWbot.org and found that if I submit my score, I’ll be 3rd or 4th fastest in the world for this CPU arrangement.  Maybe one day I’ll be bothered to submit my cpuz.cvf file.  I’m also considering finding some coolers for these CPUs again and trying to push past 166MHz in Windows using clockgen (If I can find the correct PLL for my motherboard).

This concludes my nostalgic post.


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