Dual Pentium 3 Tualatin Overclocking

Back in 2012 I was playing around with overclocking my MSI Pro266TD Master-LR motherboard with two Pentium 3-S Tualatin 1.4GHz (SL6BY).  It is running a custom BIOS which enables large hard drive support, obtained from a computer forum years ago.  Although the BIOS allows FSB adjustments up to 166MHz (stock 133MHz), there is no voltage adjustment options.

Back in those days I was unaware I could bump up the CPU V-Core with a thin piece of copper wire wrapped around a couple of the VID pins.  Instead, I could only get the computer to boot at the maximum 166MHz FSB setting about 10% of the time – otherwise it wouldn’t post at all.

wPrime Pentium 3-S Tualatin 1.74GHz dual CPUs.

wPrime Pentium 3-S Tualatin 1.74GHz dual CPUs.

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